The average is addicted to leisure and comfort. The happiest, most accomplished and most satisfied people all over the world have this in common: they chase their dreams, their goals, their purpose in life...

What they said about us

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  • Atish Chanda, Director, New Window

    "Matindra’s Mind Power for Ultimate Success is undoubtedly a world class program"

  • A. Mukherjee, Ex-senior VP, Familycredit (a French MNC)

    "Matindra Debnath has dedicated himself for making a profound and positive difference in people's inspiration to all who seek to better themselves. His WORKSHOPS could be worth a crore of rupees to you...."

  • Dr. P. C. Kole, Professor of Genetics, Visva-Bharati University

    "The programme will be highly beneficial across all sorts of people. I recommend the programme because the programme will help lead a better life."

  • M. Patra, Asst. Professor, Netaji Subhas Engg. College, Garia, Techno India Group

    "Outstanding and World Class Workshop! It will be helpful for all, and for the College Students this is going to be awesome & life-changing. The topic is totally new in academic field, highly useful in today’s competitive world and it will give the much needed self-confidence for extra-ordinary performance in academics, interviews, jobs and in real life problems of health, wealth, wisdom and happiness."

  • Moushumi Sen Bhattacharjee, Ph.D.. Asst. Professor of English, Bolpur College

    "In a transitional universe where man is self-reflective and fragmented, seeking unity, composure through faith is the best way we can seek meaning in self and find happiness. the programme is all about this."

  • Mr. Tilak Roy, HOD, Deptt. of Mechanical Engineering, NHIT, Durgapur

    "Mind Power Development is a unique program to develop improves everybody’s concept of life. This programme can change our thought pattern and make us more passionate in life and work."

  • Soham Ghosal, Student, BSc (Agri. Sc.), Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan

    "Life time experience... a must do workshop for all. Wonderful! Thank you Mr. Matindra Debnath for helping me conquering all types of resistance to success in my life."

  • Sohini Banerjee, Research Scholar & Lecturer, Bolpur College

    "An outstanding experience. I knew many things but could never put in one frame. This programme did it to me. It gave me the desire & motivation to make my life a beautiful one. I want to recommend this programme to my parents, friends and students because this programme brings about a positive attitude in life & instills within the desire to succeed in life."

  • Ms. Syanjula Dey, student, BA, Rammohan College, Kolkata

    "During last two days I had a Himalayan shift in my mind and ascended myself to a level where I discovered my UNIQUE ABILITY, removed fears of failure, overcame depression and stress, improved concentration, built self-confidence and learnt the MIRACLE LAW OF ATTRACTION. I am now strongly determined to achieve all goals of my life, because the workshop has awakened the giant sleeping within me since long."

  • Amrita Dutta, Student, Class XI, Santiniketan

    "Frankly speaking, I am thankful to my dad for having sent me to this workshop. This is gonna change my life to the maximum. In fact, I’m a brand new person altogether …all very happy. Thank U Matindra Sir. :-) I want to recommend this program to all, ’coz happiness multiplies only when we share … and right now … I’m the happiest..:-)"

  • Sayan Ghosal, Student, Class XII, Santiniketan

    "This is the best programme I ever had in my life. I will always remain grateful to Matindra Sir as he helped me to discover the meaning of my life and purpose of my life. I recommend this programme to all students because this programme gave me a new life."

  • Ms. Esha Mukherjee, Training & Placement Officer, JLD College of Engineering & Management

    "This program helped me more to love my work, my family, my dream, identify myself, discover my unique ability, live more happily, to do SMART work, to serve the nation through my work, to change my bad habits & mostly to remove my fear. This is life changing! I recommend this to all who want SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, PEACE, PROSPERITY & EXCELLENCE in life."